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Made with Passion in JA!

“We likkle but we tallawah!” is a common Jamaican saying that means we Jamaicans may come from a small (“likkle”) country, but we are determined and strong-willed (“tallawah”) and have a lot of presence and talent in the world. This can be said for so many things within our culture: sports, music, arts, F&B, and design.

Jamaica boasts numerous talented designers and artisans who craft unique, one-of-a-kind items unavailable elsewhere. Explore The Collective: A Jamaican Designer Marketplace, showcasing exceptional pieces from local talent at MAIN STREET JAMAICA in Rose Hall/Montego Bay. This permanent store exclusively features Jamaican-made pieces, offering a platform for emerging designers to showcase their creativity.

Rather than generic souvenirs, opt for specially designed Jamaican items that reflect our island's passion and creativity. At The Collective, discover exquisite handmade soaps by "Obara," natural crystal candles by "Wholistic," and woven thatch earrings by "Karib Arts & Boutique." Dive into the vibrant resort wear by "Jae Jolly," "Polka Dots," and "Colours of Margot," ideal for vacations or everyday wear. Delight in unique ceramic sea urchins by "VLS" and charming charcuterie boards by "Drift Home," both crafted from Jamaican wood. Elevate your culinary experience with handcrafted jewelry by Christina Broderick and authentic Jamaican spices.

These items, crafted with passion and skill, serve as meaningful reminders of your time in Jamaica and make perfect gifts for loved ones. In a world of uniformity, the products at The Collective stand out, promising smiles and cherished memories.

Several other stores across the island also champion Jamaican designers, including Island Magnolia in Harmony Hall, Ocho Rios, My Jamaica, and Craft Cottage in Kingston, offering a plethora of Jamaican creations.

Embrace our country's rich talent and heritage—Buy Jamaican, Employ Jamaicans.


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