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Embracing Jamaican Heritage: The Story of Cooyah Jamaica Clothing Line - Jamaica's Reggae Urban Streetwear

Cooyah, the official reggae clothing brand since 1987, has been spreading good vibes from denim to swimwear worldwide. Created by Homer Bair, Cooyah became entrenched in Jamaica’s casual fashion culture in the 1990s. The name “Cooyah” is also Bair’s nickname and means to ‘look here’ and has now become a transformational, trendsetting brand for reggae music and Rastafarian at the highest level.

Cooyah is more than a clothing brand it’s an iconic symbol of Jamaican culture and the international Reggae scene. For over three decades, Cooyah has captured the essence of Jamaican heritage, infusing the rhythms, and positivity of reggae music, dancehall, art, and vibrant colors into every design.

Dedicated to creating unique and impactful fashion, Cooyah offers a range of casual wear, leisure, and streetwear featuring original art and freestyle designs. Cooyah remains the top choice for Jamaicans and reggae enthusiasts worldwide, thanks to its authentic expression of cool Jamaican culture.

Cooyah’s new collection and style incorporate brighter colours and bolder designs, as well as denim, paired with a few of the iconic pieces that enjoyed tremendous success historically that include simple casuals to modern, elegant wear.

Cooyah’s objective is to continue to grow in the global fashion industry by building on its legacy as a brand synonymous with reggae, dancehall culture, and Jamaican authenticity. After all these years, they are still committed to staying true to our Jamaican roots and keeping the spirit of Reggae alive.

Check out Cooyah at Main Street Rose Hall (Shop 3) and take home a very cool piece of clothing that you can wear proudly and represent Jamaica.

Keep the good vibes flowing with Cooyah!

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